The fourth edition of Campus Africa will be held from July 10 to 29, 2021

Due to the uncertainties and difficulties caused by the current pandemic situation, the management of the Campus Africa program regrets to announce that the activities planned for the current year have been canceled, postponing its celebration for next year.

In any case, the applications received will remain valid, and will be taken into account when making the selection of scholarship recipients to participate in Campus Africa 2021.

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There have been three previous editions of CampusÁFRICA, all of them at the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands).


portada campus africa 2018CampusÁFRICA 2018

The third edition took place between 11th and 26th July 2018 with the title African societies and the challenges of globalisation.

The programme of CampusÁFRICA 2018 included cultural events and scientific visits, as well as training activities focused on the following three interdisciplinary areas:

The main objectives of CampusÁFRICA were the following:

  1. To create a forum for specialized reflection on Africa's challenges within the framework of the current globalisation process.
  2. To offer a meeting point for academics, entrepreneurs and professionals involved in strategic development and cooperation with Africa.
  3. To offer advanced training applied to the problems related to African sustainable development.
  4. To foster leadership skills among younger generations.
  5. To boost the role of the Macaronesian region as a relevant geo-strategic space regarding international scientific cooperation.


portada campus africa 2016CampusÁFRICA 2016

The second edition, CampusÁFRICA 2016, was held from July 18th to August 5th 2016 with the title "Science in the service of African development" and the objective of promoting not only reflection but also a proactive attitude towards sustainable development from an Atlantic and African point of view.

The main objectives of the second CampusÁFRICA edition were:

  1. To create a forum for specialized reflection on health, environmental, socio-economic, political, ethical, educative and cultural challenges of the African continent within the framework of the current globalization process.
  2. To create a meeting point for researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals in order to establish synergies oriented towards strategic development and cooperation with Africa.
  3. To offer advanced training applied to the analysis and solving of problems currently affecting the African continent.
  4. To promote scientific-technical and socio-cultural leadership among younger generations.
  5. To boost the importance of the Macaronesian archipelagos as unique geo-historic and geo-strategic regions regarding tri-continental Atlantic relations.


cartel campusafrica 2014CampusÁFRICA 2014

The first edition, CampusÁFRICA 2014, took place from 26th September to 10th October 2014 with the title "Africa and the millennium goals" and the following thematic axes:

  • Africa and the millennium goals.
  • Science and technology in the African development.
  • The Atlantic Africa under the global economy.


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