Memory, Identity, Interculturality

patrimonio cultural africanoThe African cultural heritage, in both its material and immaterial manifestations, is not exempt from the dialectical relations between tradition and modernity that permeate contemporary African societies. The problems posed by the preservation, interpretation and diffusion of cultural traditions, together with their adaptation and transformation in the context of the new cultural trends and social requirements provide us with an opportunity to review their theoretical and practical implications and to examine their role in the current global context. The critical analysis of the cultural policies of presentday African nations, and the evaluation of the international projection of their artistic production will offer a better understanding of African identitie(s) and of cooperative policies and practices.

This course will focus on the current state and future prospects of (mainly western) African literary and cultural traditions, with particular attention to the political strategies applied in their promotion and development.


Dates and topics

  • Thursday 12th: The Canary Islands and the Maghreb
  • Friday 13th: Euro-African documentary heritage
  • Saturday 14th: African culture and the globalization
  • Monday 16th: The African intangible heritage
  • Tuesday 17th: The Macaronesia as a natural and cultural region
  • Wednesday 18th: The Spanish language and literature in Africa
  • Thursday 19th: African memory sites
  • Friday 20th: Science and culture as means for global dialogue
  • Saturday 21st: Presentation of CampusAFRICA 2018 projects
  • Monday 23rd: The literature of Francophone Africa
  • Tuesday 24th: English-language African Literatures
  • Wednesday 25th: African literatures of Portuguese language
  • Thursday 26th: Closing session


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