The challenges and opportunities of Globalization

desarrollo sostenible africanoThe sustainable development goals that make up the 2030 Agenda approved by the UN on 25th September 2015 are inspired by the noble purpose of eradicating poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring universal prosperity. As such, those goals constitute a plan of action involving all countries and citizens at a global and local level. Africa is no exception with regard to these challenges and both in its insular and continental regions it presents specific characteristics which are worth taking into consideration.

This course is aimed at analyzing the role of science as an enabling force for African sustainable development regarding the important challenges our planet has to face these days as a consequence of the economic, social and environmental globalization. At the same time,
the course is also aimed at promoting institutional cooperation and the constitution of collaborative academic and scientific teams and networks involving the participation of African universities and research institutes.


Dates and topics

  • Thursday 12th: Opening session
  • Friday 13th: The role of African women in sustainable development
  • Saturday 14th: African culture and globalization
  • Monday 16th: Macaronesia Day
  • Tuesday 17th: Macaronesia as a natural and cultural space. Earth Day
  • Wednesday 18th: Mandela Day
  • Thursday 19th: Cooperation Day
  • Friday 20th: Cultural Heritage Day
  • Saturday 21st: Presentation of CampusAfrica 2018 projects
  • Monday 23rd: Poverty and inequality as obstacles for African development
  • Tuesday 24th: Economic challenges for African sustainable development
  • Wednesday 25th: Globalization, migrations and new citizenships
  • Thursday 26th: Closing session


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