Scientific Visits

1. Astronomical Observatories and Teide National Park

humboldt orotavaThe Teide National Park, included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites, is the most visited National Park in Europe. This National Park is also home to the Teide Astronomical Observatories involving more than 60 institutions from 20 different countries.

2. Loro Parque Biological Station

Considered the best zoo in Europe and the second best in the world, Loro Parque is a theme park which groups together a wide variety of both animal and plant species. Loro Parque promotes the conservation of endangered species and has modern veterinary care technology. In addition, the Loro Parque Foundation carries out education and research projects in different parts of the world.

3. Anaga Rural Park

senderismo anagaThe Anaga Rural Park, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is an area famous for its outstanding landscapes, its unusual geomorphological elements, the richness of its biodiversity (it is the natural area with more endemisms in Europe) and its paleontological settlements. The zone was inhabited by the Canarian aboriginal people and preserves historical sites related to their way of life.



1. Los Sabandeños sing to Africa (18/07/2017)

sabandenos cantan africaThe group Los Sabandeños started their musical activities in 1966 and have focused on the recovery and promotion of the traditional music of the Canary Islands, to which they have added original songs and adaptations of musical pieces from the entire Hispanic cultural tradition. They have released more than 70 albums and have played innumerable times in concerts in Europe and America. Los Sabandeños are by far the most internationally recognized music group in the Canary Islands.

2. African Music (21/07/2018)

quilombos campusafrica 2018Cape Verdean music is very popular and valued worldwide due to its suggestive rhythms and warm melodies. The presence of a large Senegalese community in the Canary Islands and of migrants from other African countries makes it possible to enjoy the rhythms and messages of their attractive music.

CampusAFRICA will offer a platform for the promotion of African musicians resident in the Canary Islands.


Other activities

1. Cooperation Fair

The Cooperation Fair will provide a space where non-governmental organizations which are currently developing projects in Africa and on the surrounding islands, will have the opportunity to share information about their cooperation projects.

2. African Books

CampusAFRICA will also offer the possibility to purchase African literary works, especially those related to the authors mentioned during the seminar on texts and contexts in African literature.


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