The fourth edition of Campus Africa will be held from July 10 to 29, 2021

Due to the uncertainties and difficulties caused by the current pandemic situation, the management of the Campus Africa program regrets to announce that the activities planned for the current year have been canceled, postponing its celebration for next year.

In any case, the applications received will remain valid, and will be taken into account when making the selection of scholarship recipients to participate in Campus Africa 2021.

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actos institucionalesIn addition to the training activities included in the three multidisciplinary modules
which constitute the main teaching programme, CampusAFRICA will also host relevant institutional events aimed at promoting a committed and proactive social attitude towards some of the most urgent challenges of our time.

These sessions will take place in the afternoons over the second week and in different institutional settings in accordance with the collaboration from the sponsors and supporters of the project. The institutional events
programmed are the following:


1. Earth Day (03/07/2020)

It is no secret that our planet is currently immersed in an accelerated process of bioclimatic and environmental degradation which is putting the quality and continuity of human life at risk on the Earth. The Sahara Desert, which once was an inhabited and fertile area, has become the future paradigm awaiting some neighbouring territories which are currently undergoing a serious desertification process. Soil, seas and air pollution, if not controlled
and reduced in time, will have devastating consequences for the health of all living creatures. Global warming, with the reality of melting icecaps and climatic alterations, may turn the world we live in into an unrecognizable place.

In this context, prospective reflection initiatives and the adoption of measures to favour a better relationship between human beings and nature are urgent. CampusAFRICA is willing to contribute to this global effort and, to do so, several relevant personalities have been invited to participate and to guide us in this time of environmental confusion.


2. Cooperation Day (13/07/2020)

mujer africaInternational cooperation, both institutional and non-governmental, has in the last
decades become one of the most effective instruments of solidarity between the peoples of the world. In recent years, however, due to negative economic circumstances, cooperation efforts have decreased dramatically in some countries. The current migration crisis and the incipient economic recovery, have nevertheless brought about a renewed interest from institutions and groups to strengthen cooperation activities.

CampusAFRICA aims at promoting cooperation with the African continent and the surrounding islands and, in order to do so, will provide an opportunity for the exchange of information between institutions and social agents involved in cooperation programmes.

The session dedicated to this objective aims at boosting reflection on the future of official programmes, spreading the aspirations of social organizations and letting those involved know about the plans of governmental agencies with responsibilities in the field of cooperation. Special attention will be given to municipal international cooperation initiatives.


3. Mandela Day (17/07/2020)

July 18th is a date of special importance for Africa and the rest of the world since it was on this date when Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in the year 1918. Mandela put his entire life at the service of peace and freedom as a defender of human rights, as prisoner of conscience and as the first democratic president of a free South Africa.

In recognition of what can be considered an exemplary public career, the United Nations General Assembly appointed July 18th as the Nelson Mandela International Day, in order to highlight the values which Mandela represented and especially in recognition of his dedication to serve humanity through his humanitarian actions in the fields of conflict resolution, interracial relations, promotion and protection of human rights, reconciliation, gender equality, children and other vulnerable groups’ rights and the defense of poor and underdeveloped communities.

Therefore, CampusAFRICA will join other international initiatives in celebrating this date by inviting all participants to reflect on good governance in general and more specifically in Africa.


4. Science Day (23/07/2018)

The fourth edition of CampusAFRICA will host an institutional event to emphasise the importance of science for the progress and future of societies.


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