General information to attend CampusÁFRICA

1. CampusAFRICA is a higher education international programme, but it also welcomes the participation of members of the general public interested in the problems and challenges currently affecting the African continent and its surrounding islands.

2. The general activities included in the programme of CampusAFRICA are open and free of charge, except for the scientific visits and laboratory practice sessions, which are subject to special admission requirements.

3. All those people willing to attend CampusAFRICA on a regular basis will have the opportunity to register in advance and receive an attendance certificate at the end of the event, as long as they fulfill the requirement of taking active part in at least 90% of sessions.

4. All the courses included in the CampusAFRICA programme have institutional recognition by the University of La Laguna and can be validated for transversal training ECTS credits, as long as the participants fulfill all the requirements established for that purpose. Final assessment will be based on the completion of the reading list and preparatory tasks, regular attendance and participation in the courses, as well as on the quality of a piece of written work on the topics related to the course.

5. CampusAFRICA offers students of the University of La Laguna the possibility to collaborate as volunteers in the guidance of foreign students and visitors and in the performance of different tasks connected with the organization of CampusAFRICA.

6. The official languages used in CampusAFRICA will be Spanish and Portuguese, and occasionally English. In order to facilitate communication, it is expected for participants to have at least an appropriate knowledge of the English language.

7. CampusAFRICA will offer a grant programme for African university students who are currently carrying out their academic activity in African universities or similar centres, in compliance with the conditions that will be duly announced.

8. As it becomes available, detailed information on scheduled timetables, classrooms, titles and speakers, on other organizational aspects and last minute changes in the program will be incorporated into this website.

9. For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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