CampusÁFRICA is a forum for reflection, scientific development and proactive action with regard to the African continent and the tri-continental Atlantic character of the Canary Islands.

Scientific and cultural development play an essential role in the solving of problems currently being faced by our planet, revealed in the Millennium Development Goals and currently formalised in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In this context, today more than ever, it is imperative to defend the enabling power of science in the development processes and therefore the core value of knowledge for the progress of the society.

CampusÁFRICA is an international training programme that, following the recommendations by UNESCO, promotes forward thinking, proactive attitude and innovation as fundamental values for a higher education based on social responsibility and commitment to the future of our planet.

CampusÁFRICA is hosted by the University of La Laguna (through the University Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health of the Canary Islands and the Centre for African Studies) in collaboration with the organizing institution, the Canary Islands Foundation for Health, Science and Development.

From its beginning, CampusÁFRICA has been supported by the government of the Canary Islands, the Tenerife Island Council, the local government of La Laguna, the CajaCanarias Foundation and Obra Social La Caixa.

The first edition of CampusÁFRICA was held in 2014, dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals. The second edition, held in 2016, was dedicated to the role of Science in the service of African development. The third edition, held in 2018, was deditacted to the African societies and the challenges of globalisation.

The subject of the fourth edition (november 12 - december 3, 2021) is "Climate and pandemic challenges in a context of global crisis".



The main objectives of CampusÁFRICA are the following:

  1. To create a forum for specialized reflection on Africa's challenges within the framework of the current globalisation process.
  2. To offer a meeting point for academics, entrepreneurs and professionals involved in strategic development and cooperation with Africa.
  3. To offer advanced training applied to the problems related to African sustainable development.
  4. To foster leadership skills among younger generations.
  5. To boost the role of the Macaronesian region as a relevant geo-strategic space regarding international scientific cooperation.



November-December 2021

resumen programa campusafrica 2021

CampusÁFRICA-2021 activities include conferences, practical sessions and cultural visits. The training activities are organized in the following courses:


pdf Download Pandemic Challenges Course Programme (318 KB)